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Big Wine Small $$
Wine Series
Downtown, 07:15

Big Wine Small $$

Some days are for big, luxurious wines at high, high prices. Other days are for big, luxurious wines at not such high prices. Believe us, it's possible, and we'll show you. Join us for an evening of indulgence. We're diving into the depths of the wine store for the hidden treasures at exceedingly fair prices. It's a bargain for your wallet and a huge score for your palette. No wine class would be complete without knockout food pairings from the Caputo’s Cheese Cave and award winning shelves. We will impart wine pairing guidelines when it comes to serving wine with high quality specialty foods. Take good notes, then recreate the experience for your friends and loved ones! Class begins at 7:15pm MOUNTAIN TIME Please note: All cancellations require 48 hours notice. Food and wine are purchased and prepared in advance and cannot be re-purposed.

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